Keeping your children safer online


Protect them but respect them

Why FYI play it safe?

Parental control apps are crucial in the digital world, but they may not uncover the silent challenges your child faces online, such as dark queries or potential cyberbullying.

Easy to Set up


FYI play it safe takes less than 10 minutes to set up, in 3 easy steps.

Monitors All Apps

Monitors All Apps

Our technology captures everything that happens on your child’s screen. This means that, as new applications are developed, we have it covered from day one.

Understands Slang

Understands Slang

We all know our children speak slang none of us can keep up with. We keep this updated… that’s dope!

Priority Vs Blacklisted Apps

Priority Vs Blacklisted Apps

Some apps we monitor more frequently, while others we believe parents should know about, regardless of the content.

Deleted Messages

Deleted Messages

FYI play it safe monitors activities as they happen, so even if a message self destructs, or is deleted, we would’ve captured it already.

No User IDs or Passwords Needed

No User IDs Or Passwords

When your child creates a new social media profile, joins another social media platform, or starts chatting on another app, we will automatically include it.

Ensuring your constant comfort.

FYI play it safe is not a parental control tool –

it empowers parents with in-time information to intervene before it’s too late.

only available on Google Play

Why Android devices only?

We believe that Android devices are the safer option for children - in addition to the greater scope of customisation that Android offers, there are several other compelling reasons why many parents choose android devices for their children:


Today's children are exposed to more and more at a younger and younger age.

10 Years oldthe average age our children are exposed to pornography online.

70%percentage of children inadvertently exposed to pornography rather than actively searching for it.

4.5 hours – average screen time tweens are spending every day (40 hours a week).

⁠⁠8 to 9 years old – average age for a child to receive their first smartphone.

Get started in 3 easy steps

And keep your children safer online

Download & Install from the Google Play store.

Register in-app by providing your details & follow on-screen instructions.

Download the software onto your child’s device & follow the prompts.

Pricing Structure

FREE 7-day trial

Easily manage your subscription – opt out any time

1 device plan is designed for a single child, while the family plan accommodates up to 8 devices.

Whole family


For only $7.99p/m or $79.99p/year, monitor your whole family’s online interactions.

Single child


For only $5.99p/m or $59.99p/year, monitor one child’s online

“Your goal in keeping your child safe on the internet should not be to police every site they visit or pore over every chat they have with their friends.

What’s important is to help your child develop digital literacy and gain the skills they need to become responsible digital citizens capable of handling problems on their own.”


– Rachelle Best

CEO and Founder of the AI-powered monitoring app, FYI play it safe


global front runner

What makes FYI Play It Safe a global front runner in the child device monitoring space

FYI play it safe

  • Children’s Android devices.
  • Installation in less than 10 minutes
  • Monitors 100% all apps.
  • Monitors all in-gaming chats.
  • Latest apps included by default.
  • Don’t need children’s user IDs and passwords.
  • From $5.99 pm


  • Some covers Apple too, but limited.
  • Installation is quite difficult.
  • Monitors only a few apps.
  • Doesn’t monitor in-game chats.
  • Most new apps won't allow monitoring.
  • Needs every single user ID and password.
  • More than double the cost of FYI play it safe


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