Setting the permissions

Some of these settings may be different for your device. Each of these elements are important to ensure that FYI play functions properly and to ensure ongoing monitoring.


Our intuitive installation process will guide you through the settings described below.


Media Capture


FYI play needs permission to capture your child’s activity in order to analyse the content and alert you of potentially harmful activity.


Give FYI play the permission to start capturing your child’s activity on their device. If offered the option, it may be convenient to select “Don’t show again.”


Background Execution


Allow FYI play to run in the background.


FYI play requires this permission so that it can continue to capture activity when other applications are being used in the foreground. This also allows FYI play to automatically restart itself when the Android operating system requires it to do so.


Usage Permissions


When prompted, find FYI play in the App Usage list and select it. Please “Allow” app usage.


FYI play needs information about the app’s usage in order to ensure it remains active and appropriately capture activity and content. It is safe to allow FYI play to do so.


Start on Boot


Allow FYI play to start when your device starts up.


This allows monitoring to continue even when the device restarts or battery outages occur.


Battery Optimisation


The Android operating system may terminate applications at will whenever battery power starts running low.


Allow FYI play to be exempt from such termination so it can keep monitoring your child to keep them safer online.



Notification Permissions


To activate notifications for FYI play, swipe down the Android notifications bar and tap on the FYI play application to enable.


Allow FYI play to issue notifications to ensure you will receive alerts from the application when necessary.