Currently available for children’s Android devices

The parent device app is available for Android devices. iPhones will use our web interface (FYI safe web)

Download the FYI play it safe apps

The application that will help you to keep your children safer online!

Step 1

Register and start your 7-day free trial now!

Once that’s done, you can move on to the download and installation processes

Step 2


For the parent device (your phone)

FYI safe web
(for iPhones)

Step 3

For the child device

(your child’s phone)

WhatsApp the link to your child's phone for easy installation

Why are we not on the Play Store?

Google Play has some seriously stringent rules regarding what they will and won’t allow on their store. Our app is in essence a monitoring app, and they view it in a slightly different way than what we do. We are working on it, and there are a few hoops we need to jump through, but it will be available on the Play Store soon.

In the meantime, during your installation process your phone will warn you agains installing unknown application. Please just press on Accept and the installation with proceed.

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Installation Process

Once downloaded, install the application, confirming all permissions. If you downloaded the installation files from the link above (FYI official site), and are prompted by Google Play Protect, it is safe to “install anyway”.

If you need a detailed guide to install and bind your parent and child devices, simply click on your phone model below

Detailed Installation Guides

Click on your brand of phone and go through our easy step by step instructions

Binding the Parent and Child Devices

Once you’ve completed the installation process on both devices, you’ll be prompted to pair your devices. Follow the onscreen prompts using a QR code or web access code, grant the permissions and you’re done. Sit back, relax, and know that you’ve taken a huge step towards your child safer online journey.

Parent Device

Child Device

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