Securing your data

Security of your data is very important to us. We understand the sensitivity of the type of information you entrust us with.

The good news is, our FYI play it safe solution was designed with security top of mind.

Through the binding process, we ensure that only the FYI safe device (installed on the parent’s phone) can access the alerts and potentially harmful interaction information on the FYI play device (installed on the child’s phone).

Also, for security purposes, none of the child’s interaction information is stored on the parent device itself and access to the FYI safe app on the parent’s device is granted by your login credentials.

Your child's data is protected because

Only the FYI safe device that is bound to the FYI play device can access alert information (device-to-device security)

Access to the FYI safe device is controlled by login credentials that are verified through a separate back-end solution

All information that gets transmitted either from your child’s device or to the parent device is encrypted. The data we store is also encrypted at rest.

For more detail on privacy of information, please refer to our privacy policy.

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