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Protecting your children isn’t just about making sure they’re physically and emotionally safe. their privacy is under fire every day, and the last thing we want them to feel is that we’re invading their privacy. To keep them comfortable on all levels, we’ve built a multi layered security and privacy driven system like no other.

That said, keeping them physically and emotionally safe is crucial, and here’s how we do it.

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How It Started

With the benefits of using social media and online communication tools like WhatsApp and Facebook, we also face a number of risks.

to name a few…

What started off as a research project, soon became a calling to create a solutions to the problem so many parents face on a daily basis:

“My child spends so much time in a digital world which we cannot keep up with – where do I even start to make sure that they are safe?” or “We can’t check each and every message our kids send and receive or every comment they post on social media – how do we know they are not engaging in adult content, or that they are at risk of cyberbullying, or even worse, depression or suicide”?

But, being parents, we also realised that, whilst we desperately want to protect our kids as far as possible, their privacy is also important in our trust-relationship. And so FYI play it safe was born.

The Problem

Parents want to monitor their children’s social media and online communication activity, but still respect their privacy.

The Solution

FYI play it safe will monitor all communication that children are part of, every search they do on internet browsers and every comment they post on social media, regardless of the application they use.

AI Intelligence

Our software uses cutting edge artificial intelligence, machine learning and aspect based sentiment analysis to flag possible harmful content for parents while keeping conversations private to the user (your child).

Tracking is done in real-time, 24/7, regardless of the application or tool your child uses. No need to read through thousands of direct or online messages anymore.

In time, all communications will not only be monitored in English, but also the most spoken languages in the world.

Our solution will provide parents with alerts of potential signs of:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Depression or self-harm
  • Stranger-danger or
  • When they are engaging in adult content

Not English?

Our FYI play it safe app will in future releases also include most of the spoken languages – we’ve got your back, regardless of where you are!

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