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Guiding them? Or criticizing them?

Very insightful article from The Conversation

Do you know what “cyberflashing” is? Or how it could affect your child? Even more – how would you react if you’re sitting around a restaurant table, having a family lunch and your eye catches a nude on your teenager’s phone? As parents, our first reaction could be to immediately freak out. Or to react, rather than take the time to understand. This is a fine line we all struggle with. Guiding them, or criticizing them – what is your first response?

This article from The Conversation takes us through some very good food for thought on our role of guiding our teenagers through their digital lives and the risks and dangers they are facing, rather than criticizing them. Worth a read!

FYI play it safe empowers parents with the information they need to engage with their tweens and teenagers on some of these difficult topics.