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Disappearing messages? Text over photos?

Technology gets smarter every day and so do our tweens and teens. Recent developments in technology include messages that disappear or automatically self-destruct after a period of time. 

Looking at this objectively, there are pros and cons to this. The pros are that content that you put out into different platforms don’t exist after it disappears (obviously assuming the receiver didn’t take a screenshot of this or forwarded it on). The con? We, as parents can read through all our children’s messages and will never know about any of the content that has disappeared or self-destructed.

Our children have also figured out that most of the filtering or analysis of messaging content happens only in pure text and as such, when they use a photograph and paste text on top of this, the text on this “picture” will not be analysed. Clever… And thinking they’re one step ahead of technology.

Fortunately, FYI play it safe knows about all messages, even the ones that are set up to disappear or self-destruct. It also analyses ANY text, whether the text is on top of a picture, written upside down or sideways. We know about it and we analyse it.

Rest assured parents, FYI play it safe is one step ahead.